3D visualization of Big Data meets Dreamoc

Nearly one in four people worldwide use social media. They increasingly go online to discuss brands, post opinions about products and services or tweet about events. By combining state-of-the-art datamining tools with powerful 3D visualisation, we offer an entertaining and eye-catching way of visualising the exploding quantity of online data.

For the first time ever, real-time data from over 40.000 social- and online media is collected, grouped, filtered and transmitted for visualisation in eye-catching 3D, allowing you to monitor and highlight what is said online about your new product, brand, latest advertising campaign, or even spot emerging market trends. Our unique solution offers a whole new perspective on big data and makes sense of online chatter in an effective and engaging manner.

Watch the video from Stereoscape: Real-time customer feedback about your product visualised in stunning 3D

Sophisticated cloud based datamining algorithms and real-time data feed over LAN, WLAN or 3G to a 3D display, where the data feed is combined with captivating computer-generated 3D imagery, produce an immersive, informative and compelling visualisation of big data. Both the data feed and CGI can be customised to paint a fascinating 3D data landscape for marketing, communication, event and entertainment purposes.

The potential for creative visualisation is almost limitless, and the versatile filtering options remove irrelevant messages prior to display. Combined 3D visualisation of product features and real-time customer feedback provide guaranteed stopping power at product launches and other point-of-sale marketing in retail settings. Striking 3D visualisation of event-related Twitter and Facebook posts encourage more online buzz at sports events, trade shows, conferences and exhibitions. Visually powerful and emotionally engaging 3D will keep fuelling highly impactful experiences across numerous touch points between brands and consumers.

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