Adidas Boost Dreamoc

Adidas has used Dreamoc before to present a feeling about a shoe, with great success. Now we found another very cool video from Adidas in which they explain, quite simple, how this shoe, the Boost, has a very soft and flexible sole. This is a more explaining video – but the cool stuff about this shoe is somewhat inside the shoe. And what better tool to explain this advantage, than using a Dreamoc holographic display. Have a look for yourself:

Why Boost?
Boost is a new running system with a strong Technological Research. The use the Dreamoc because it was perfect for explaining running improvements, materials, performance etc..

Where to find it?
Adidas use this setup in the most popular running shops in Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Bilbao etc. And have report back to our friends at Paraddax, who created the case. that they are very satisfied.

Also they use the Dreamoc for running competitions as San Silvestre, Marathon de Madrid etc.

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