BlackBerry Storm2 in Dreamoc

Bi-coastal production company Stardust has been tapped by BBDO Moscow to create an eye-popping holographic video content for Blackberry MTS that will be shown on Realfiction’s unique Dreamoc 3D display . The installation incorporates physical products with free-floating holographic elements. MTS will show the futuristic-looking installation at major public venues across Russia, including all three Moscow international airports, as well as trade events, conferences and MTS retail stores starting in March 2011.

Director Alan Bibby and the production team at Stardust created full-color 3D animated imagery designed to appear as if floating in space within the Dreamoc 3D display. This content was then seamlessly integrated with a physical MTS Blackberry Storm2 smartphone affixed on a stand in the middle of the Dreamoc. “Designing for this unique medium presented some interesting challenges, but as creative problem solvers, being able to make a dimensional visual sculpture rather than just a flat image was very enticing for us” said Alan Bibby, director, Stardust.

Due to the Dreamoc’s eye-catching nature and novelty, passersby would be getting up close and personal with the machine, scrutinizing Stardust’s  work, which meant Stardust had to deliver on compelling, engaging visuals that complemented the phone. But perhaps the biggest challenge for Stardust was maintaining the idea that these are individual objects in space, and that the illusion of depth would not come from matte paintings, depth of field or the usual tricks of the flat screen, but instead be driven with animation.

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