Kweila Ltd.

E-mail: [email protected] Phone: +37258416330 Web: www.kweila.com Location: Tallinn, Estonia Facebook Kweila Ltd is a graphic design studio, established in 2008 in Tallinn, Estonia. Kweila Studio specializes in 3D/4D graphics, animations and visualizations. Games and movies, architecture and advertising projects, interactive applications and display solutions – wherever you will use 3D graphics made at Kweila Studio, you can be totally sure the content will be of a high quality. Over these years, we have been working with Estonian, Russian, Scandinavian and Qatari markets. In cooperation with AHHAA Science Centre Kweila Studio promotes innovative technologies in Estonia country. We also proud to have partnership with Tartu Centre for Creative Industries. Kweila Ltd creates stunning 3D works that will perfectly suit your requirements. Our company provides quality and affordable services and can assure you that we will find the best solution that fits your needs, on time and within budget.

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