E-mail: [email protected] Phone: +49 2304 20 12 80 Web: www.puppeteers.de Location: Germany The Puppeteers GmbH has specialized in the key technology of animated and non-animated 3D service. As a full-service provider, we realize your visions & unique features in virtual worlds precise, exciting and of course the scene. Selling means explain, convince and inspire you! The customers want to be entertained and intrigued. Here lies our strength. We stage your services through the fine art of 3D visualization. To identify, extract, and we visualize the core messages of your products or services as well as processes, events or special architectures. And our avatars are always used when it comes to moderate your services virtually. Sensational results require extraordinary commitment! We give our employees the necessary space for it! In an atmosphere characterized by team spirit we design since 2003, the latest 3D worlds for the challenges of our customers. Our company is based on the castle "house watch" in sword (NRW) this offers an unusual background, merge with each other every day of the future and past. So we can re-confirm our high standards of creativity, creative & high precision over again.

Sony Experia

Sony Experia animation made for Dreamoc

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