Dreamoc Content Competition 2011

The first prize winner in this years competition was Realfiction’s japanese partner Senlis, which contributed with the innovative and humoristic “Scissors” animation. Senlis has used the Dreamoc in a way that has altered the understanding of how the Dreamoc is “normaly” used. They also integrated a tangible product in a humoristic and very well executed way.

The second prize was won by Yav Bonev from Animajor, who’s detailed “Bacardi” content convinced the jury of its message. The character animations and the liquid and fire effects were extremely well made, in combination with the well chosen color choices the animation became very convincing. Overall the content had a great finish.
See the animation here:

2nd Place Dreamoc Contest Entry – Bacardi Dragon Fruit from Yav Bonev on Vimeo.

The winner of the third prize was another of Realfiction’s partners – Leovation Ltd with its “Transformers” production. Leovation made a beautiful product match by integrating Transformers and the Dreamoc. It was a clever combination of the Transformers univers and the possibilities the Dreamoc technology offers, the jury argued that it is a combination with a lot of future potential. The fact that the style of the content was consistent with the actual Transformers univers made the animation even more spectacular.

See the animation here:

We, here at Realfiction, thank everybody who participated in the competition.

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