Dreamoc Fusion

Opportunities are many. Among some of the coolest within the field of Dreamoc creativity is the ability to make devices work together! This creates a whole new experience, which is quite different from what your eyes are used to see.

We call this feature ‘Dreamoc Fusion’

Here is an outstanding and very esthetic example, both in image, sound and feel. In this example, exhibited on ISE 2013, we used 5 Dreamoc POP‘s with the “Fusion” upgrade.

Music by Marcel Pequel, [email protected] and visuals by Darren Thomas, thomascgi.com, [email protected]

Not standard – but:

Every version of the Dreamoc can be upgraded with this feature, and up to more than 100 Dreamoc’s can be synchronized at a time! Imagine a totem consisting of 5 or 6 Dreamoc Scandinavia 360‘s on top of each other, creating an amazing graphical pillar type installation. Or how about an exhibition stand with several Dreamoc HD2‘s seemingly telling each their own story, but then occasionally meeting in a synchronized graphical effect – almost like they communicate on a higher level…

How to create your own Dreamoc Fusion installation:

  1. When ordering the Dreamoc displays, specify that you want them synchronized with the “Fushion” upgrade.
  2. If you want to synchronize already owned Dreamoc’s, contact Realfiction and ask how to upgrade.
  3. Create the required number of animations, making sure that they all have the same duration.
  4. Connect your “Fushion” upgraded Dreamoc’s using Ethernet cables and a hub.
  5. Enjoy watching your enhanced experience.
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