Dreamoc is very useful in Museums

“The National Museum in Kielce is an institution with over 100 years of tradition. In it’s collection has valuable exhibits of paintings, decorative arts, folk art, archaeology and nature.”. Now they are using the Dreamoc to show off their possessions in new and explorative methods, where the visitors can expirience exact details and about archaeology, art and rare findings. i3DVRhouse made this video available for us all to watch and be inspired by. Have a look:

By this use of the Dreamoc, we open for brand new ways of using the holographic experience. Rare and uniqe findings, the ordinary person can’t touch and ‘play with’ to examine, now becomes real and detailed in a more interactive way. In the Dreamoc it is possible to tell an enchanting story with spoken words, situated music, physical material, holographic pictures and actual spirit. Magic happens in the Dreamoc this way! – the opputunities are only growing.

Have a look at out brief collection of museum-potential Dreamoc cases here

Interactive Trivizor - Central House of Actors

Making dinosaurs come true in Dreamocs!

Imagine inspecting cars of future in a holographic display!

This animation has been used for real in Museums

Imagine this in a museum, explaining about the kings ceptor or the popes holy cross !??!

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