A great way to tell the complex story

Dreamoc product amplification resulted in 20% increased sale when Coyote launched their new product “the best Coyote”, witch the company had a bit trouble launching only by simple posters and leaflets.

An unique solution – but hard to explain

Coyote is a satellite-social GPS system, which allows units to work together to give drivers the most accurate and current directions and information’s while driving – but the only thing apart from conventional system is the new technology.
But how do you communicate something you can’t see on the device itself and not directly experience in store? Normal communication has, in some ways, boundaries for telling the short, but complex story, and this is where the Dreamoc comes in. Coyote used a bunch of Dreamoc 360‘s in several bigger shopping malls, like Media Markt and so on, wich really told the unique, but complex story very well!

Have a look at the interview and the spectacular stand and animation here:

Digidyn was the project leader and has in the eye of Coyote’s project manager, created an outstanding design featuring Dreamoc 360.

The simple great success

As complex the Coyote was as simple was the results, which truly proved that the dreamocs really attracts customers. Marjan Decoster, product manager at Coyote, says that customers who saw the holographic pyramid rapidly came to the selling point to buy their Coyote. She states, that the use of Dreamocs improves the sale and therefore surely was a great success.

A fine example

This is a quite good example of the importance of form and content. If the content match up to the form of the product, the campaign can be a huge success. Take for instance the Blackberry promotion from 2011 – same, at the moment, very complex piece of technology, but folded out in the dreamoc for everyone to understand.

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