Ferrero Rocher increased their sale using Dreamocs

If you love chocolate – don’t read any further! Ferrero Rocher proves a very convincing connection between desire for chocolate and promotion of Ferrero Rocher inside a Dreamoc.

Ferrero Rocher says themselves that the key was to create a little christmas magic and thereby; allow the customers to dream.

It is the first time Ferrero Rocher had ever used holographic display for communication purpose, and their experience was very successful.

“Stores that accepted the Ferrero stand with the 3D holographic display had a real success with increased sales”
said Antoine Callens purchase Ferrero France.

The campaign was to be found around christmas in several large malls all over France, and was established in occation of their 30th year anniversary of the brand. All the stores that accepted the new holographic communication tool had a real success, resulting in increased sale.

Have a look at the video here:

Video is from Auchan Noyelles Godault LILLE, a big shopping mall in France. The project was driven by Digidyn (Project leader), Miysis (content development) and Créaset (branding & logistic).

The stand

Every single stand had a stylish Dreamoc Scandinavia 360, placed in centre of the glamorous golden chocolate mecca, with an attempt to thrill the audience with a quite stunning and neat holographic experience, nicely telling appetizing stories of the well known chocolate bite, simultaneously spreading the sense of Christmas magic.

The setup featured a roof completely covered in Ferrero Rocher globes and walls covered in heaps of different variations as well. In connection, indeed an overwhelming and spectacular foot traffic magnet.

We are thrilled to see this astonishing setup and how the Dreamoc contributed to a very magical involvement of customers.

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