Magic rotating jewellery, reflecting love

From the philosophy that every thought of love has a hidden soul, which only waits to be brought into light, jewellery maker Castaldi Gioielli design has made a ‘magic’ ring to be worn at all times for good luck and to feel close to the people we love.

Take a look at their video, nicely showing a rotating ring synchronised with the Dreamoc animation.

As the jeweller says; the Talisman of Love, “LoveTalisman” and the talisman of luck, “LuckyTalisman”, inspired the creation of the ring.

The Animation
The video shows, that the ring reflects light in different colours depending upon the angle we see it from. This symbolises that if we give the ring to a beloved, it will reflect our love in all imaginable ways. In this manner our heart shapes the gift and the ring translates your feelings and turn them into a unique piece of jewellery.

We find it very attracting when people mix real and virtual. And when the real thing is also moving, the experience is just fabulous and magical!


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