Messi – a golden foot traffic magnet

As the golden boy of world football, Lionel Messi never misses gilt-edged chances and is widely regarded as a 24-carat genius. He is the top scorer in Spain’s La Liga, and therefore very acknowledged soccer player.

In this favour the Japanese jeweller Ginza Tanaka decided to create a copy of Messi’s left foot in 24-carat gold, worth $5.25 million, weighting 25 kilograms.

The foot is now for sale, along with a number of miniature versions and a solid gold plate of the Barcelona front man’s footprint.

At the exhibition of the foot, two Dreamoc XL2 was used as ‘foot traffic magnets’ to show off Messi’s golden foot that was physically presented inside, with holographic images floating around, telling the meta-story. Here holographic Messi explains about the statute, inside the Dreamoc. Have a look at the animation here.


Part of the profits from the sale will go to help children affected by the quake and tsunami that hit Japan in 2011. Watch here how the exhibition began and how the foot was made.

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