Multimedial exposition “Lsx20. Art Years of the National Currency”

“Design studio H2E (Riga, Latvia), commissioned by the Bank of Latvia (central bank of Latvia), has developed a multimedia exposition devoted to the 20th anniversary of the re-introduction of the national currency lats. The purpose of the exhibition is to display banknotes and coins and introduce with the authors and their creative work. The central axis of a pencil, a common tool for artists, is lead or graphite. Graphite structure is represented by the exhibition exposition elements – their layout in the room mirrors the crystalline hexagonal grid of carbon, with each facet featuring the creative ideas of artists.” (designdirectory.com 2013: Multimedial exposition “Lsx20. Art Years of the National Currency”)


Have a look at how the spectacular exposition looked right here. Note the enchanted Dreamoc Scandinavia 360 in about 00:30 and 01:05.

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