Raymond Weil

Earlier this year, Animajor was approached by Austria - Hologramm-Technik to create a Dreamoc animation based on the latest Nabucco wristwatch model by Raymond Weil.

Raymond Weil had no 3D drawings what so ever of the watch, so this presented a bit of a problem as the creators had no idea what was inside the watch and how it works. From some simple reference images, Animajor created a 3D model of the Nabucco watch and its internal mechanics.


Another issue was the fact that the entire watch is black, and black does not show well inside the Dreamoc. To overcome this problem, they played around with lighting of the watch itself, trying to “paint” it’s surface with bright reflections at key parts, without ruining the shape and silhouette.

The installation proved successful as it drew large crowds of potential customers inside the shop, who some of which had discovered the wonderful brand of Raymond Weil for the first time.

This was created for a Raymond Weil shop at Vienna Airport. Animation and Video by Animajor.

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