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Content Creators

Kweila Ltd.

Kweila Ltd is a graphic design studio, established in 2008 in Tallinn, Estonia. Kweila Studio specializes in 3D/4D graphics, animations and visualizations. Games and movies, architecture and advertising projects, interactive applications and display solutions – wherever you will use 3D graphics made at Kweila Studio, you can be totally sure the content will be of a high quality. Over these years, we have been working with Estonian, Russian, Scandinavian and Qatari markets. In cooperation with AHHAA Science Centre Kweila Studio promotes innovative technologies in Estonia country. We also proud to have partnership with Tartu Centre for Creative Industries. Kweila Ltd creates stunning 3D works that will perfectly suit your requirements. Our company provides quality and affordable services and can assure you that we will find the best solution that fits your needs, on time and within budget. view Kweila Ltd.


Sketchpixel provides bespoke 3D Animations for holographic, TV, augmented reality, multi touch and architectural mapping application. With a multi-disciplinary team of over 20 people, Sketchpixel Animation Studio provides a full service, from script writing, sketch and storyboard, to modeling, rigging, animation, particles and lighting, render, post-production and sound design, creating experiences that stand from the crowd. To the state of the art facilities and high internal render capability, Sketchpixel ads an Innovation Studio department in order to provide solutions for IOS and Android Apps, Aughmented Reality and interactive digital signage production. Sketchpixel's professionals have been developing unique contents and solutions for over 15 years to markets such as Portugal, Spain, France, U.K., The Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Russia, U.S.A., Singapore, Brasil and Angola. view SKETCHPIXEL


We create. Our tools? Computers and pencils. Our medium? Dreamoc. We are on the brink of a new age of advertising. The technology is here and we are using it to alter your perceptions of reality. Innovation is our motto. view Animajor


Spread is an award winning creative design agency located in Paris & Singapore. Our focus is to create tailor-made immersive visuals & tremendous user experience. A blend of creative, strategic and technical wizards that are dedicated to create fully immersive experiences, changing the way we interact with brands. view Spread


ds.Xpress GmbH has focus on e-commerce and 3D imaging from the very start. ds.Xpress GmbH is Official and Exclusive Distributor for Realfiction ApS in Germany, Austria and as well Iberia. We give support to all our Resellers. But we provide for Dreamoc high quality 3D Hologram for our customers and of course, focusing 100%, in adapting and creating these exclusively for Realfiction DREAMOCS. With our "Know How“, we just like to deliver the highest quality 3D Hologram product visualizations for the whole Dreamoc™ family producing with our big team of content creators 3D animations on the market. The fun factor is one other thing that sets us apart from other companies. We enjoy what we do and we want to have an enjoyable relationship with all our Resellers & Customers. Every single member from our team that works here is intensely curious and we are constantly pushing the boundaries of what's possible. We always go a stockyard further. That's just our nature. view ds.Xpress


PIXandDOTS specializes in the use of illustration and animation as tools for visual communication and storytelling. With a solid understanding of the visual instruments, PIXandDOTS are capable of translating your needs into pleasing animations suited for the Realfiction products. Focusing on the strength of the holographic product, PIXandDOTS are all ways helpful with ideas to inspire you to pick the best suited visual content. view PIXandDOTS

Animmersion UK Ltd

Animmersion UK Ltd is a digital media company which has deep skills in the practical application of 3D computer graphics and holographic displays. Established over 9 years ago, our products and services are used to enhance, add value to our client's communications, marketing and training activities. view Animmersion UK Ltd

Lifetronic s.r.l.

Lifetronic is a systems integrator that has worked for over 10 years in the field of supervisory and control, audio/video and digital signage market. We're RealFiction's partner in Italy since 2010. Thanks to its experience of integration and development of custom solutions and creativity of its productions, Lifetronic is able to offer complete solutions for rental and sale of realizations standard or interactive content creation. view Lifetronic s.r.l.


The Puppeteers GmbH has specialized in the key technology of animated and non-animated 3D service. As a full-service provider, we realize your visions & unique features in virtual worlds precise, exciting and of course the scene. Selling means explain, convince and inspire you! The customers want to be entertained and intrigued. Here lies our strength. We stage your services through the fine art of 3D visualization. To identify, extract, and we visualize the core messages of your products or services as well as processes, events or special architectures. And our avatars are always used when it comes to moderate your services virtually. Sensational results require extraordinary commitment! We give our employees the necessary space for it! In an atmosphere characterized by team spirit we design since 2003, the latest 3D worlds for the challenges of our customers. Our company is based on the castle "house watch" in sword (NRW) this offers an unusual background, merge with each other every day of the future and past. So we can re-confirm our high standards of creativity, creative & high precision over again. view Puppeteers